In preparation for the IV World Congress on Child and Adolescent Rights, pre-congresses such as academic conferences and forums for children and adolescents will take place around the world. Pre-congresses will be the responsibility of the entities interested in organizing them, be it governmental, academic or non-governmental.

For each pre-congress, a program should be designed to address one or more of the Congress's thematic areas, under the light of its central theme. The proposed program must be submitted by email to If approved, the organizing entity will receive a letter by email authorizing the advertisement and promotion of the pre-congress as a preparatory event for the IV World Congress on Child and Adolescent Rights. Once the pre-congress has taken place, the organizing entity must submit a conclusions report of the event to the IV World Congress Organizing Committee. Pre-congress conclusions will be presented in a plenary session the first day of the Congress.

Puerto Rico Youth Forum, October 2010

Puerto Rico | November 2010

Mauricius | November 2010

Barcelona, Spain | November 2009

Valencia, Spain | November 2009

Asunción, Paraguay | December 2009

Morón, Buenos Aires Argentina|August 2010

La Paz, Bolivia | September 2010

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