The IV World Congress will be divided into two simultaneous forums: one for adolescents and the other for adults. Both forums will integrate into a single forum for plenary sessions. The plenary sessions will consist of the opening and closing ceremonies; addresses by invited speakers; a session for pre-congress conclusions reports and a forum on violence.

Youth Forum

Teens will join the Congress as members of delegations from around the world. Each delegation will represent its country and will be composed of 5 youngsters ages 14 to 17. These youth delegations will attend and participate actively in the plenary sessions. They will also have a representative in the thematic sessions of the Adult Forum.

In the Youth Forum, adolescent delegates will participate in workshops and engage in working groups to reflect, debate, contribute their ideas, share experiences, reach conclusions and make proposals regarding the realization of their rights. Thinking on their own, speaking freely and interacting in a positive way, they will embody their deliberations in the “Declaration of Puerto Rico”. This significant document will be read in the closing plenary session of the Congress.

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